Truth in Evolution: A Case for Faith

There is an interesting trend where people don't want to stop, take some quiet time, and ponder the deeper questions of our universe. It's sad to say the least, because it truly is a step backwards instead of forwards.

Look, I get many of the implications that you're either a faith person or a science person, but truth is, you can't have one without the other. It is always assumed that they are at the opposite of the knowledge and understanding spectrum but nothing could be further from the truth.

Look, I too am a science person. I believe our knowledge of this universe has never been greater, but our understanding of it has gone down. In other words, we try to see it through a theory that it came out of no-whever and came into the existence we have today.

There is nothing scientific about it - especially if you want to consider how life came to be on this planet. Everything we think we understand is based on a theory - the theory of evolution. The thought that there might have been a creator sounds ludicrous to many mainly because they haven't truly considered a universe without one.

Let's back up a bit. Science says where there is cause there is effect. In other words, for a reaction to happen, an action has to have happened first.

Sure we believe that a big bang happened and that is what snowballed our universe and the millions of universes around ours. What cause that big bang though. Where did it come from?

You see, once you go back far enough, there has have to been something to set it all in motion. Nothing gives us exactly nothing. When there is nothing, nothing can happen. How then did the universe come to exist?

Just because you can't prove a creator does not mean he does (or did) not exist. The very fact that we say we are science people means we can't be Athiests. At worse we're Theistic Evolutionaries.

Cool name, no? I like it!